SendFox AppSumo(49$) LIFETIME DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users

SendFox AppSumo(49$) 1 YEAR DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users

SendFox Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans with SendFox, you can create, schedule and automate unlimited customized emails, without breaking the bank. Specifically for content creators, SendFox is taking a different approach to product features (see: SendFox is not AWeber, Mailchimp, etc. and will not have 100% feature parity).

How to Buy SendFox AppSumo Life Time Deal $49

  •  Visit the “SendFox Lifetime Deal AppSumo” deal page.
  • Wait for some seconds, An Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your Email to receive the exclusive benefits.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a 10$ discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users only.

SendFox combines automation and customization to help you create simple, beautiful, and effective emails. Automatically draft emails with SendFox’s integrated RSS feed functionality so your fans will know as soon as new content is published. This feature is great for podcasters and YouTubers who regularly release new episodes and helps you keep eager followers happy. 

For marketing a product, automation helps most to increase the reliability of your customers. To create email automation, you must create a list of whom you want to send the automated emails. This amazing tool allows you to add a list in CSV file/ auto-import from Mailchimp tool by integration system that is so good. So now you are all set for an automation campaign system.

SendFox AppSumo(49$) LIFE TIME DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users

This helping tool allows its users a huge number of integration systems for getting more advantages. This tool can directly integrate with AppSumo, KingSumo and Mailchimp. Besides, It has a Zapier app, Integromat app, WordPress plugin, API Endpoints, Post HTML code form integration system. Thus, its integration facilities are satisfying.

SendFox AppSumo(49$) LIFE TIME DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users

From the segment option, you will get a sub-triggered button for setting the segmentation. From the “when” option, you can segment your email when the last email was sent or when the last email was clicked or opened. You can add multiple emails for one automated campaign system, and by this segmentation process, you will be able to segment all those multiple emails without any hassle.

SendFox AppSumo(49$) LIFE TIME DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users
Linguix is a smart spell checker
  • Powerful analytics 
  • RSS feed functionality
  • GDPR consent feature 
  • Test and preview feature 
  • Mobile responsive emails
  • Multiple domains in one account 
  • Compared to other email marketing providers

SendFox AppSumo(49$) LIFETIME DEAL-$10 Discount For New Users

  • These terms are applicable for Appsumo users only.

Plans Deal Terms

  •  Lifetime of access to SendFox Premium Plan
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)
  • Annual deals are not stackable with previous LTD deals
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

SendFox Lifetime Deal (Pricing)


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  1. Easy to use and great support

    I was lost on how to create something that is actually simple so I messaged the team and BOOM…Srba was able to show me the fastest and easiest way to create the automation I needed. I love Sendfox and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

  2. My first mailinglist

    It had a small learning curve if you are completely new to a mailing app but it worked out very well.

    I did have some issues setting up but after contacting support I was helped very well with personal support, email, and pictures even during the weekend!

    I’m happy!

  3. Well That Works Great

    So far, out of the box it works very well and is a great value. I would like to see a little more options in the email editor, but I hope that will come. The tool was quick to set up and integrated with Zapier and our website no problem. Lists were easy to build and import and the automations seem to be working great.

    Great tool, and like the direction it is going.

  4. Works very well. Clean and Simple.

    Stacked the few of these. Dashboard is clean and simple. It’s a good start with basics in place. They are adding features I am told.. but it does what is should very well, although does lack some (many) of the advanced level features you will find in other autoresponders. However, if you’re not into having too many features this is a fantastic deal for the price as you would end up paying a lot in monthly fees.

  5. That’s awesome

    It’s a great deal Appsumo delivered (as always) through sendfox. I’m highly satisfied & invite sumolings to do the same.

  6. Simple and Effective

    Simple email tool that has a clean interface and does exactly what its supposed to. I set up a campaign and sent out an email blast in under 10 minutes. The only issue is that the emails end up in the promotions section for gmail. Would love to know how this can be avoided. Thank you.

  7. I hope it is a good investment in the future.

    The tool is good, it has a clear focus on a niche market: content creators.

    I bought 3 codes and am still not entirely satisfied with the tool.

    Actions as simple as forwarding emails (especially the subscription) become tedious.

    There is also no possibility of sending a personalized subscription email, for each list. It is a single subscription email for all your lists, therefore the segmentation is relative.

    There are some more details that do not convince me but I hope that in the future it will improve. I see potential.

    I had opted for this tool but ended up hiring Mailpoet.

  8. Limited Solution

    I’m using it for some time and unfortunately very limited and there is almost no new features or improvement added. You can’t change the color of the embed form. Customization is limited.

    If you want a very simple solution go ahead, otherwise I wish I get a refund.

  9. SendFox is a Godsend

    I was feeling inspired to start a blog+email list from scratch (aka no moolah$$) but discouraged at the prices of all the email service providers I was looking at…. Then I found SendFox. I absolutely cannot believe how Chief Sumo is providing this product with such high value at SUCH an affordable price (and for a lifetime license – are you KIDDING ME!?). I’d pay 3x this in a heartbeat JUST for the built-in email referral system that comes with it. It just makes me giddy every time I think about it. Just stop thinking and buy it.

    (Unless of course you’re a slimey spammer – don’t taint the waterhole)

    But as long as you’re some kind of content creator who just needs to get the message out, this was LITERALLY made for you.

    Thank you Noah and the Sumo family ? I’ll come back when I have cool success to report too ?

  10. SendFox Rocks

    I’ve never built an email list for distribution of emails. I’m in at tier one. I love the onboarding process with the gentle nudges as to getting 2K more people that you can email to. It is nice that Sendfox requires you to put your business address in and not spam people. Would have been nice to see that in the product description, however it does not detract from this little tiger of an offering.

    Totally have enjoyed Sendfox so far and great onboarding process. Also I love that a free webpage is also offered for email collection. That alone is worth the cost of admission as I’m toying with the expense and bother of getting a company website. So much to learn. This buys me some time to do additional research.

    Very cool that you are also shown percentages and analytics on the effectiveness of your email campaigns. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceburg of uses for sendfox but think WOW.

    For what I have now other services are charging this much a month not for lifetime access. Crazy good deal.

  11. Good No-Nonsense Platform

    This is a farily good no-nonsense platform with no limits on lists or automations. If you want to send weekly digests or other newsletters it’s works well.

    But, if you want to automatically convert your blog posts to emails, you will have to wait until SendFox picks up the feed and manually schedule each post as it comes out. And if, like me, you batch and schedule them ahead, this is an annoyance you can do without.

    The software is not as intuitive as you’d like, and the help articles/vidoes are out of date, so there’s a learning curve.

  12. Awesome, but add please …

    Awesome application, if possible add the ability to add domains to smart pages and add at least buttons in the smart page editor .

    (P.S. I sent an email to the development team containing my proposal to translate the entire interface into Italian language)

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